From Whence He Came

Clarinet: Evan Watkins
Violin: Aiden Brant-Briscall
Viola: Elliot Vaughan
Accordion: Katheryn Petersen

This music was composed by Elliot Vaughan in August of 2011 for Rice & Beans Theatre's production of From Whence He Came. The excellent musicians recorded the music and enjoyed cheese and salmon steaks on a pair of afternoons that same month, and this album of miniatures came to be.

The Play

Oscillating between false memory and reality, a young man tries to rationalize his disastrous inter-planetary migration. He tries to cope with the truth with an alternative truth. He was lost and waiting to be found.

First day on Earth and I'm already dead.

Director and playwright Derek Chan is known among peers for his semi-controlled-chaos aesthetic. Loosely inspired by the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, From Whence He Came is a bittersweet exploration on the struggle of being lost and trying to find one's own place in the universe. How do we survive without losing sight of what we really wanted? Is life worth living if one is stuck and lost? How does one wake up from such nightmare?