Elliot Vaughan

Here, We Forget Faster 2016 16'
co-composed with Martin Reisle
2222 221x 4 hp str
commissioned by Plastic Acid Orchestra with Vancouver New Music

Sister Song 2014 6'
vocal trio + 2222 2231 4 str
commissioned by Plastic Acid Orchestra

fingers 2014 6'
voice + 2111 211x 2 gtr pno str
commissioned by Plastic Acid Orchestra

2222 4231 t+2 pno hp str

Amputee Wannabe 2017 7'
open quartet with conductor
for the Ecstatic Waves open score project

Haunt The Machine That Kills You 2016 8'
flute, E-flat clarinet, accordion RH, violin, snare drum, cello

Microscopes 2014 8'
bassoon with 3-10 vocalists

(I Spell Your Name With) Other Letters 2013 3'
string quartet

Came Down / The Hell / Fell Down / The God 2012 6'
violin and contrabassoon
title from an engraving on a bullet found in a Phnom Penh market

Astrodance 2012 45'
Soprano, piano, tuba, bass, percussion
for choreography by Desirée Dunbar

From Whence He Came 2011 30'
clarinet, accordion, violin, viola
for the play of the same name by Derek Chan, produced by rice & beans theatre

Machines 2010 12'
violin and viola
variations on materials developed for a production of the play Machinal

Prick 2010 5'30"
viola and guitar

Implications and Vrrrrmmmmm! 2009 7'
3 violas

Starwinky 2009 6'
viola and piano

String Quartet 2008 25'

spidermusic 2008 6'
viola and piano
commissioned by Reg Quiring and Rosemary O'Connor

Cirrus 2016 6'

Über Ich 2012 6'
two short pieces for the short film Über Ich by James Houston

various compositions for myself to perform in dance and experimental theatre productions, including works for viola, piano and electric keyboard, live electronics and found and traditional percussion

Soft Face and Featherless 2016 45'
song with electric keyboard and live electronics
for the play of the same name by elysse cheadle

Voices from Chernobyl 2013 45'
SSSAATB accordion cello
staged song cycle commissioned by The Troika Collective

various songs for dance and experimental theatre productions, and for The End Tree and iffy south

Everything I Can't 2017 12 song album
by The End Tree

Pomer & Penelope 2017 4 song ep
from the play of the same name by Angela Ferreira

The Peaceful Sea 2015 5 song ep
from the play of the same name by Angela Ferreira

Mr. Snortoose and the Machine Children's Machine 2015 6 track soundtrack
for the play of the same name by Elysse Cheadle

iffy south 2015 4 song ep
by iffy south

Everything Is Strange 2012 4 song ep
by The End Tree

Rasa 2009 7 track ep
for choreography by Rob Kitsos and Steven Hill

Death and Flying 2017 31'
for choreography by Rob Kitsos

Safe/Guard 2011 30'
for a performance by Robert Leveroos

And So It Goes 2011 13'
for choreography by Desirée Dunbar

Tremor 2009 14'
for choreography by Desirée Dunbar

Post-Pubescent White Male 2008 9'
student work

Icely Unsect 2007 8'
available on the JTTP Cache 2007 CD

Violet, Gold and Rose 2018
album by David Ward, co-arranged with Martin Reisle
choir, harp, string orchestra

Children of God 2017
a stage musical written by Corey Payette
viola, cello, guitar, piano, cast of nine singers
Produced by Urban Ink

Mother 2015
song by David Ward
flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, harp, string orchestra
for the album Transitioning

Cool Ruler (In the Grace of Love) 2014 6'
voice + 2222 2231 4 rhodes str
song by Jay Malinowski from the 2014 album Martel
orchestral arrangement commissioned by Plastic Acid Orchestra

Martel 2014
album by Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast
arrangements created in collaboration with The End Tree and Mark Dolmont
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